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Orochem Technologies provides a wide range of traditional liquid chromatography columns for analytical, preparative, and simulated moving bed chromatography (SMB) applications. Our HPLC and semi/prep columns are used globally in clinical diagnostics laboratories, industries (like pharmaceutical, biotech, food, nutraceutical), environmental and forensic testing laboratories.

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Guidelines for using Orochem HPLC Columns File size: 56.4KB Download
HPLC File size: 976KB Download
Matrix HPLC Column File size: 1.38MB Download
Orosil HPLC Column File size: 1.38MB Download
Prestige HPLC Column File size: 1.41MB Download
Reliasil HPCL Column File size: 1.25MB Download
Reliasil Phenyl-Hexyl Phase File size: 1.25MB Download
Matrix C18-Analgesics File size: 139KB Download
Matrix C18-Azithromycin File size: 85KB Download
Matrix Polychrome-beta and dexa-methasone File size: 52KB Download
Matrix Polychrome-Carboplatin File size: 40KB Download
Matrix Polychrome-Decitabine File size: 39KB Download
Matrix-Polychrome-(3epi)-25OH VD3 File size: 71KB Download
Matrix-Polychrome-Epitestosterone-testosterone File size: 49KB Download
Matrix-Polychrome-Epitestosterone-testosterone-LCMSMS File size: 70KB Download
Matrix-Polychrome-hydrocortisone-prednisolone File size: 118KB Download
Monitor C8-Carvadilol-BP method File size: 50KB Download
Monitor C18-Analgesics File size: 141KB Download
Orosil C8- carvedilol BP method File size: 49KB Download
Orosil C18-Analgesics File size: 57KB Download
Orosil C30-Carotenes File size: 134KB Download
Orosil C30-Carotenes-2 File size: 153KB Download
Orosil ODS-Drug impurities File size: 320KB Download
Orosil ODS-Omega-3 File size: 127KB Download
Orosil Polar C18-Aromatic Amines File size: 105KB Download
Orosil silica-Orange Juice File size: 166KB Download
Orosil-C18-Tamoxifen-Pregabalin-Budesonide-Eszopiclone-Eprosartan-Stavudine-Ciprofloxacin-Atracurium File size: 190KB Download
Orosil-Phenyl-Hexyl-Vitamin E File size: 117KB Download
Presstige-C18-Sun screen reagents File size: 65KB Download
Prestige C18-Pesticides File size: 150KB Download
Prestige-C18-Mycotoxin File size: 261KB Download
Prestige-C18-Neutral Basic Polar Analytes File size: 390KB Download
Reliasil Amino-Steviol Glycosides File size: 130KB Download
Reliasil C8-carvedilol BP method File size: 51KB Download
Reliasil C18-Aromatic Amines File size: 105KB Download
Reliasil C18-Xanthines File size: 105KB Download
Reliasil File size: 202KB Download
Reliasil-Amino-xylose-galactose-glucose-mannose-arabinose File size: 65KB Download
Reliasil-C8-carvedilol File size: 327KB Download
Reliasil-C18-nicotine File size: 100KB Download
Reliasil-C18-peptides Separation File size: 318KB Download
Reliasil-ODS1-Flavanoids- File size: 153KB Download
Reliasil-phenyl-Tetrahydrocannabinol File size: 197KB Download
USP pending method of Azacitidine for injection File size: 99KB Download