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    PCR Accessories (1)

    PCR Accessories

    Orochem polypropylene plastic consumables for PCR are injection molded and packaged under Cleanroom Class 10,000 conditions according to ISO 9000 guidelines. Each batch of product is certified DNA and RNA free and free from human contamination. Unlike polycarbonate plates which may only be sealed with silicone mats, adhesive seals or oil, Orochem polypropylene plates offer a choice in sealing options; either mats, heat seals, or adhesive sheets.

    96 Well PCR plates

    Orochem PCR plate is designed for manual as well as high throughput automation systems. It can be sealed with Micro-Mats (OT-0427), Adhesive Sealing sheets (OT-0558) or Adhesive Sealing Foils or Thermal-Seals (OT-0559).


    OROCHEM Half-Skirt & Full Skirt 96-well, and 384-well PCR Plates PCR PLATE CHART
  • Solid Phase Extraction Accessories

    Solid Phase Extraction Accessories (6)

    Solid Phase Extraction Accessories


    OROCHEM offers a complete line of polypropylene 96-well plates with capmats, including 0.3 ml/well micro- plate, a space-saving 0.65 ml/well, and traditional 1.2 ml/well and 2.2 ml/well collection plates. Alternatively, collection systems containing strips of 1 x 8 and 1 x 12 collection tubes designed to fit a 96-position rack with standard on-center spacing are available for your convenience. Other accessories include, a unique plate indexing system, the OROCHEM Indexer.

    96-well and 384-well Collection Plates

    Polypropylene deep well plates are manufactured to conform to SBS standards. The 0.3 ml/well, 0.65 ml/well, 1.2 ml/ well, and the 2.2 ml/well plate may be sealed with a pierceable cap mat, adhesive seals, or heat-sealed to eliminate evaporation during transportation or long term storage. Alpha-numeric indexing is visible around the top face of the plate and secure stacking is possible with either type of seal in place. The shallow micro-plates are available to manipulate the well volumes from 50 uL to 300 uL. Dimensions of the shallow well plate include a length of 127.8 mm, width of 85.6 mm, and a height of 14.6 mm. Depending on well geometry, well volumes vary from 390 uL(Flat well), to 355 uL (U-shaped well), to 340 uL (V-shaped wells)/well.

    96-Position Strip Collection Tubes

    The polypropylene strip tube racks with standard 96-well on center spacing, offers a color coding system that uses colored interchangeable plastic grids. The grids are used as supports for the 1.1 ml tubes. The unique grid stands on four legs and can be removed from the base of the box and placed on a lab counter as self-standing support for the tubes. The racks and tubes are ideal for storing, freezing, and transporting reagents and specimens.

    96-Place Biotube Rack

    The 96-Place Biotube rack is made of polypropylene. The T1010 Biotube System is designed in such a way that the 96-place racks have a standard on-center spacing of tubes, and also have a standard microliter sized footprint. This rack is therefore suitable with robotics systems and for transferring liquids with multichannel pipettors and auto sampling devices that conform to 96-well microliter plate systems. The same alphanumeric identification is used on the cover and white base but no color coding system is available.