API and Chiral Products

Active pharmaceutical intermediate molecules or API’s are the biologically active, highly potent ingredients in pharmaceutical drugs. These potent ingredients are usually present in enantiomeric form and in most cases one enantiomeric form may be harmful while the other form is the intended active ingredient for the drug. Therefore it is imperative that the intended active pharmaceutical intermediate is present in pure form in the drug. Orochem Technologies Inc. SMB chromatography purification process allows for a high purity and high recovery separation of the active pharmaceutical intermediate. For this reason, Orochem Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of API purification, we have purification process for several enantiomers (montelukast, s-valsartan, gemcitabine, and atorvastin) and pharmaceutical grade API (EPA, phosphotidyl choline, and phytonadione). We are dedicated to helping our customers worldwide in achieving this goal.

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