SMB technology was originally used in oil industry for processes such as separation of n-paraffins from iso-paraffins and cycloparaffins and separation of para-xylene from C8 isomers. It continues to be used as the mode of separation for industrially important small molecules from the oil industry. Orochem Technologies Inc. has applied its expert use of SMB chromatography to aid customers in separations of alpha-olefins and other petrochemical small molecules to yield high recovery and high purity products. Orochem can offer solution for purification of 1-decene, styrene, and ethyl benzene.

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    Separation of 1-Decene from Hydrocarbons using SMB Technology.


    Decene is an industrially important Alpha-Olefin with a distinguished double bond. It is an unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon. The isomerization of Decene is wide depending on the position and geometry of the double bond.The positional isomers 1-Decene and 3-Decene are collectively known as Decene. Of all the isomers, 1-Decene is an industrially important isomer. It is used as a monomer in copolymers and is an intermediate in the production of epoxides, amines, oxo alcohols, synthetic lubricants, synthetic fatty acids and alkylated aromatics.1-Decene is also used in making polyalphaolefin synthetic lubricant base-stock and surfactants.

    SMB Technology Application:

    The current process for the production of 1-Decene is oligomerization of ethylene using the Ziegler Process or by cracking of the petrochemical waxes.The unique Simulated Moving Bed Technology (DECSEP SMB) designed by Orochem Technologies, Inc. in the production of Decene through chromatographic purification has yielded 99% purity of Decene with very high (>99%) recovery. The production scale of Decene can be varied from few Metric tons to hundred thousand metric tons in accordance with the customer’s requirements. 1-de