Chemical Engineer Group Leader

(work in Naperville, IL area./multiple openings)

Job Description

Lead the chemical engineer group in developing and optimizing lab scale and pilot scale simulated moving bed (SMB) to a scalable, cost-effective downstream purification process; lead the technology transfer from single column chromatography to SMB chromatography for the applications of chiral and other binary-like separations; lead the new SMB technology implementation and the initial process qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) at commercial plant; perform analytical method validation on HPLC/GC with ChemStation; work collaboratively with business development personnel to define the scope of new projects and initiate project proposals; guide and supervise the method development work for the purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceuticals, natural food ingredients; and provide essential SMB training for junior engineers and guide them in carrying out various tasks efficiently.


Requires Master’s or its foreign educational equivalent plus 12 months experience in the job offered or 12 months experience in an alternate occupation. The required experience must include 12 months using ChemStation.

Please send resume to Orochem Technologies, Inc. , 340 Shuman Boulevard, Naperville, IL  60563.