Orochem Technologies Inc. has been manufacturing lab consumables for pharmaceutical industry, clinical diagnostic labs, food industry, and other testing labs for over 22 years. It is a fast growing company with customers all over the world. Our company is also an industry leader in development, scale-up, and turn-key solutions design for large scale molecular purification processes for food, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical clients. Currently, we have openings for chemists to join our process development team.


  • Understand customers and their needs for molecular purification – communicate effectively with management, engineering team members and customers’ representatives
  • Conduct discovery stage experiments for molecular purification process development using the SPE, LLE, filtration, preparative chromatography and other separation science techniques
  • Initial optimization and scale up of processes
  • Scientific and analytical support for engineering team throughout commercialization
  • Develop quick screening analytical methods to support process development
  • Perform off-line and in-line analyses to monitor process development
  • Fundamental scientific understanding of chemistry and physics involved in molecular purification and data analysis
  • Systematic and consistent documentation of process development, experiments, methods, IP applications, SOPs, and batch records as needed
  • Provide on-going technical support to customers following commercialization
  • Other duties as needed for company’s business
  • More details available at the time of interview


  • Sc. degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry with > 5 yr of industrial experience, or M. Sc. Degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry with > 2 yrs of industrial experience, or PhD degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry and > 1 years of industrial experience
  • Candidates with more experience and a PhD degree will be considered for a Sr. Chemist or Scientist level position
  • Adequate extra curriculum in analytical chemistry and chromatography (knowledge of chromatography, SPE, filtration, LLE, preparative chromatography, other molecular purification techniques and mass spectrometry) will be considered a plus and can substitute experience requirements. Mastering listed skills will be expected
  • Experience with molecular purification for either small or large molecules will be a plus
  • Experience with HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS, and in sample preparation is a plus
  • Experience with project management will be a plus
  • Requires independent and analytical thinking to solve problems, Good communication and presentation skills and ability to work on multiple projects and across functions with overtime and travel as needed
  • Able to prioritize and manage time effectively working in teams and individually
  • Knowledge of Microsoft suite and familiarity with chromatography data systems