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Application Note: Isocratic Analysis of the Alcohols Present in a Generic Hand/Spray Sanitizer on Orosil C18-HC HPLC column

The Orosil C18-HC stationary phase from Orochem Technologies is a high carbon-loaded phase. It is a “work horse” phase designed for the separation of polar, semi-polar, and nonpolar compounds.

GenQuik Body Fluid RNA Extraction Kit

The kit provides efficient purification of total RNA from body fluid. RNA purified by this method is of high quality and free from contaminants and PCR inhibitors, and is particularly suitable for demanding PCR/RT-PCR analyses.

Consumables for PCR

Orochem thin-walled polypropylene PCR plates (both 96- and 384-well plates) are injection molded and packaged under Cleanroom Class 10,000 conditions according to ISO 9000 guidelines. Each batch of product is certified DNase and RNase free and free from human contamination.

Positive Pressure Processor for 96-Well Plate

PSP HT 96 is an ideal accessory for high throughput RNA purification application.