Orochem Developed Large Scale Protein Purification Process

Orochem Technologies Inc. has developed novel SMB process to separate and purify various proteins (for example heme & RuBisCO) from plants and yeast extracts. Our technology combined ion exchange chromatographic separation with SMB technologies. Orochem’s large particle size ion-exchange resin allows high flow rate at low column pressure, perfect for commercial scale production. Protein purification SMB system includes multiple separation zones operated in parallel, thus this process is high mass transfer coefficient, high capacity, high yield and cost effective. Currently, our process has been tested for pilot scale with both yield and purity above 75%.

Awarded a SBIR Grant from National Science Foundation

Objective of this project is to develop predictive model for Chiral Molecule Separation on various Chiral Stationary Phases, an important problem facing the Pharma Industry. The proposal has been written by Dr. Murad, Chair ChemE at Illinois Institue of Technology, Dr. David House and Dr.Priyanka Oroskar at Orochem Technologies Inc.


Orochem’s EZYPRESS HT 96-C is a 96 position positive pressure processor unit for SPE cartridges.