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Orochem Catalog 2021 – 22

See our new Mini Catalog with several new products for 2021 – 22

Our featured products

  1. Universal Filter Plates for Bacterial, Inset, and Human Cell Lysates: Depth microfiltration systems consist of a filter with an open-pore structure to remove cells and cell debris; and a filter–aid material with a tighter pore structure to remove colloidal matter simultaneously to deliver particulate-free feed for down-stream processes.
  2. Orosil Gold HPLC columns with different stationary phases: C18-HC, C18-ER, Polar C18, Polar RP-M, Polar RP-D, amide, cyano-L.
  3. GC Columns:

General utility: 100% dimethyl polysiloxane and 95% dimethyl/5% diphenyl polysiloxane

Columns for special applications: FAME, terpenes, residue solvents, pesticides, cannabinoids


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