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14th December, 2022
Taj Skyline, Ahmedabad, India

Orochem Technologies is delighted to be a Gold Sponsor of Purify West 22 – 3rd Edition Chromatography Purification Conclave.

At this conference, Orochem’s Co-Founder and CTO, Dr. Anil Oroskar will discuss “Large Scale SMB – An Insight with Case Studies“.

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Orochem is a uniquely vertically-integrated organization that manufactures chiral, silica, and polymeric stationary phases; packs UHPLC, HPLC, semi-, prep HPLC, and flash columns; designs and installs systems for industrial-level ton-scale purification of economically viable APIs and nutraceuticals. Orochem conducts proof-of-concept investigations leading to pilot scale purification to validate the feasibility and viability of commercial scale-up using simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography. Orochem has successfully installed SMB systems worldwide, making industrial-scale APIs, pure proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, and sugars.


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