An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Bioanalytical Sample Preparation

Partnering with customers around the world in drug discovery, bioanalytical, clinical diagnostics, food ingredients and safety, environmental and forensic testing laboratories.


Providing a wide range of traditional and chiral liquid chromatography columns for analytical and preparative chromatography applications.

Simulated Moving Bed

A globally recognized organization that conceives, develops, and installs some of the most technologically viable solutions with “highest purities” for industrial scale purification and production of nutraceuticals, essential fatty acids, naturally occurring and recombinant proteins, specialty sugars or sweeteners and natural dyes.


Supporting customers’ needs for protein research with high quality desalting, affinity purification, protein detection and quantitation products.

Contract Services

Offering services in large scale contract purification, bonded silica manufacturing, polymer and chiral stationary phase synthesis, OEM device and column packing, and private labeling.

High Throughput Automation

Positive pressure processors, vacuum manifolds and robotic liquid handling systems for high throughput laboratories.

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