• New DVB polymer, which provides hydrophobic & hydrophilic retention
  • High recovery for a full range of neutral, basic and acidic chemicals
  • High selectivity and reduced matrix effect
  • High recovery for over 50 drugs of abuse in urine


Panthera Deluxe SPE products are the new offering from Orochem’s wide range of SPE products, which are high performing and affordable. Panthera Deluxe sorbent is based on a poly-DVB polymer, which provides both hydrophobic and hydrophilic retention. It has high capacity and retention of a full range of neutral, basic and acidic chemicals. Most suitable for pain management drugs and other pharmaceuticals.


Orochem offers three brands of poly DVB SPE products. Among them, Panthera and Celerity are reversed phases, and Agility products are ion-exchange modes.

How does Panthera compare against the competition?

Percentage of recoveries and reproducibilities (CV%) for barbiturates and THCA using a Panthera Deluxe SPE plate (PNT), and competitors’ polymeric SPE products A and B at LQC and HQC levels