Solid Phase Extraction

“SPE is a method of sample preparation that concentrates and purifies analytes from solution by sorption onto a sorbent contained in either a disposable solid phase cartridge or a 96-well plate, followed by elution of the analyte with a solvent and reconstitution into a mobile phase that is appropriate for the instrumental method used for analysis” (E.M.Thurman and M.S.Mills, Solid-Phase Extraction – Principles and Practice, John Wiley, New York, 1998)

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General Steps of an SPE protocol:

  • Sample Pre-treatment: Dependent on compound of interest, sample matrix, and nature of retention chemistry; involves pH adjustment, centrifugation, filtration, dilution, buffer addition, etc.
  • Conditioning: Solvent is passed through the SPE material to wet the bonded functional groups => ensures consistent interaction.
  • Equilibration: Sorbent/ phase is treated with a solution that is similar (in polarity, pH, etc.) to the sample matrix => maximizes retention.
  • Sample Load: Introduction of the sample = analytes of interest are bound/ extracted onto the phase/sorbent.
  • Washing: Selectively remove unwanted interferences co-extracted with the analyte without prematurely eluting analytes of interest.
  • Elution: Removing analytes of interest with a solvent that overcomes the primary and secondary retention interactions between sorbent and analytes of interest.
  • Evaporation of eluent/ reconstitution with mobile phase (optional).

Strategies in carrying out SPE

There are 3 different elution strategies in SPE. Which one to choose depends on the goal of the extraction.

i. Bind-Elute Strategy

  • Most common
  • Bind: Analytes bind to tube, unwanted matrix components are washed off
  • Elute: Eluant changed to remove analytes from tube
  • Analytes are concentrated via evaporation prior to HPLC or GC analysis

ii. Interference Removal Strategy

  • Bind all unwanted matrix components and allow analytes to pass through during the sample loading stage
  • Like chemical filtration

iii. Fractionation Strategy

  • Retain and sequentially elute different classes of compounds by modifying eluant pH or % organic

SPE Products Selection Guide

Stationary Phase Selection Guide


SPE Hardware Selection Guide


20, 60 ML
OMNISORB96-WELL PLATE1 ML/WELLSolid-Phase-Extraction
OROCHEM 200096-WELL PLATE2 ML/WELLSolid-Phase-Extraction
OROCHEM 3000384-WELL DISC PLATESolid-Phase-Extraction


Oro-Sep SPE Cartridges

Oro-Sep Cartridges are molded from medical grade virgin polypropylene, fritted with 20 micron PE frits and are compatible with a syringe or a vacuum manifold. The female luer tip inlet of the cartridge allows connection to a syringe tip. The male luer tip outlet connects to a vacuum manifold. Sep-Pak®cartridges may be substituted with Oro-Sep cartridges. Oro-Sep cartridges packed with reversed phases, normal phases, and ion exchange phases in three different bed sizes, may be utilized for sample preparation and sample concentration in the bio-tech, clinical, environmental, forensic, and pharmaceutical arena.

SuPErscreen Disc - SPE

Orochem Technologies has now developed SuPErScreen, a proprietary high capacity silica particle embedded glass fiber for Disc Solid Phase Extraction. Elimination of sorbent fines and decreased sample elution columns provide cleaner extracts which allows you to bypass evaporation prior to detection.

SuPErScreen Silica impregnated glass fiber discs are manufactured using both long and short glass fibers offering greater porosity of the matrix. With silica particles present as an integral component during manufacturing, uniform distribution of silica is achieved across the thickness of the disc membrane. A typical 8 mm diameter OROCHEM disc in a 3 ml column contains approximately 13.8 mg of silica.

OmniSorb SPE Plates

  • Omnisorb 96 well filter plates are ideal for all SPE applications and High Throughput Screening.
  • 1ml sample volume per well Robotic and liquid handling compatibility Choice of chemistries.
  • Made from solvent resistant, low extractable polypropylene with unique drip directors.

Orochem 2000 Sorbent filled SPE Plate

Features & Benefits

OROCHEM 2000 SPE 96-well Plates are packed with Orpheus silica based sorbents that have broad selectivity and resist occlusion by proteinaceous materials from samples. Non-occlusion of sorbents, combination of size exclusion and adsorption chromatography allows efficient flow characteristics, enhanced detection, and cleaner extracts. The 2.2 mL/well SPE plates manufactured from virgin medical grade polypropylene have the SBS standard footprint. Individually fritted wells eliminate cross-talk; the larger exit diameter of the well enables a faster flow rate. The OROCHEM 2000 Vacuum Manifold is designed to accommodate every filter plate, and comes with inserts to accommodate collection plates of all sizes, including shallow well plates


Sample preparation by Solid Phase Extraction in drug development, drug analysis, pharmacokinetics, and biotechnological applications.

Orochem SuPErscreen Disc- SPE Plate

Features & Benefits

Orochem SuPErScreen Disc SPE is manufactured using both long and short glass fibers offering greater porosity of the matrix. With silica particles present as an integral component during manufacturing, uniform distribution of silica is achieved across the thickness of the disc membrane. The use of thick glass fibers offers increased contact with the phase. With SuPErScreen disc SPE, an 8mm diameter disc allows 13.8 mg and a 6mm disc in a 96-well format allows 7.6mg /well media loading capacity.


Sample preparation by Solid Phase Extraction in drug development, drug analysis, pharmacokinetics, and biotechnological applications.

Orochem 3000 384-well Disc SPE Plate

Orochem 3000 SPE plates are available with SuPErScreen glass fiber based SPE discs. The high throughput 384-well SPE plate enables a four-fold higher sample preparation capability. Orochem 384-well SPE plates offer yet another example of our capabilities to customize sample preparation.

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  • HPLC Vials

    HPLC Vials (1)

    HPLC Vials

    Orochem Technologies offers vials for HPLC, GC and storage. The volume is from 0.1 mL to 4 mL. Both glass and plastic vials, with or without insert. There are several types of caps and septa. HPLC vials fit into most major brands of HPLC autosamplers


    Contract Services

    Orochem Technologies Inc established in 1996. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Orochem is globally recognized in the areas of large scale contract purification, OEM manufacturing and private labeling.Features:
    • Bonded silica manufacturing: C18, C8, C4, amino, ion-exchange sorbents, from 1.7 to 50 um, spherical or irregular.
    • Polymer synthesis: Polymer DVB resins, agarose based affinity resins
    • Chiral stationary phases: polysaccaride-based chiral stationary phases, from 1.7 um to 50 um, either coated or covalently bounded.
    • OEM device manufacturing: custom packed spin columns, 1 cc-150 cc columns, 24/48/96 and 384-well filter and collection plates
    • OEM column packing: any of our stationary phases or resins, or customer's sorbent, any size of UHPLC and HPLC columns , semi/prep columns, high pressure and low pressure flash columns.
    • Private labeling: most of our sample preparation products, HPLC columns, and proteomic products
    • Contract purification services: capable to purify specialty sugars, proteins, lipids, phospholipids, fatty acids, chiral APIs, API/pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, from lab scale to commercial scale
    • Analytical and bioanalytical method development: HPLC and HPLC-MS method development, chiral separation method development, bioanalytical extraction method development, and pre-clinical PK sample analysis
    • Naperville, Illinois, USA . 84,000 square feet
    • US facilities are the main manufacture sites. Simulated moving bed chromatography systems are designed, built and assembled completely at our US locations.
    • Orochem India, Mumbai. 25,000 square feet . Manufactures sample preparation products for the pharmaceutical and clinical research organizations in Asia.
  • Chromatography Solvents

    Chromatography Solvents (1)

    Chromatography Solvents

    Only for Sale in India
  • Quick Disconnect Column

    Quick Disconnect Column (1)

    Quick Disconnect Column

    Orochem provides custom packed Quick Disconnect Column. The column features reusable column hardware and Orpheus sorbents. It can be used for desalting, online solid phase extraction, and chromatographic separation.