Do you need a 96-well plate to support affinity resins for nucleotide and antibody extractions?
Orochem’s filter plates are designed for oligo and peptide synthesis and extraction of large molecules.


  1. Compatible with resins or beads of different particle sizes.
  2. Compatible with different organic solvents.
  3. Support high recovery of nucleotides, peptides and proteins.


  • Support CPG beads for nucleotide extraction.
  • Support IgG and IgA affinity Matrix beads for antibody extraction.
  • Support ion-exchange resins for desalting N- or O- glycans.

Customers’ new publications using Orochem’s filter plates

  1. Schaffert, Anja, et al. “Minimal B Cell extrinsic IgG glycan modifications of Pro-and anti-inflammatory IgG preparations in vivo.” Frontiers in Immunology 10 (2020): 3024.
  2. Plomp, Rosina, et al. “Comparative glycomics of immunoglobulin A and G from saliva and plasma reveals biomarker potential.” Frontiers in immunology 9 (2018): 2436.
  3. Vreeker, Gerda CM, et al. “O-and N-glycosylation analysis of cell lines by ultrahigh resolution MALDI-FTICR-MS.” International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 448 (2020): 116267.

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