Orochem’s UV/ HPLC grade Acetonitrile is manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure the integrity of your data, maximize sensitivity in your assay and to prolong the life of your equipment. With Orochem’s HPLC Grade Solvents, scientists can expect a consistent, high purity product which is necessary to create reliable Chromatography methods and protocols. Orochem HPLC solvents are lot-to-lot analyzed to meet the high quality specifications for HPLC separations. We control the low levels of peak impurities, residue, water, acidity and alkalinity, the high chemical purity and the UV transmittance; all of which are critical parameters for a successful HPLC application.

Specifications for Acetonitrile

Product Specification Limits Typical Lot analysis
UV absorbance@
400-254nm 0.005max 0.000
220nm 0.01max 0.000
200nm  0.05max 0.010
UV cut off ,nm 190max <190
Density 25C (g/ml) 0.775-0.780 0.778
Filtered to 0.2um max Per lot Pass
Fluorescence Trace Impurities at 450nm emission 0.3 ppb max 0.03ppb
At emission maximum For Impurities 1ppb max 0.2ppb
Fluorescence Detection(PAH) 0.5ppb max 0.5ppb
Carbonyl Compounds(As Acetone) 25ppbmax 10ppb
Assay(by GC corrected for Water) 99.9%min 99.95%
Residue After Evaporation 1ppm max <1ppm
Color(APHA) 10 max 3
Appearance Clear Clear
Titrable Acid, max 0.0008 meq/g 0.0007meq/g
Titrable Base, max 0.0007meq/g <0.0001meq/g
Water, max 100 ppm 90 ppm
Gradient Elution@
254nm 0.0005max Pass
210nm 0.002max Pass
Identification(1R/GC) To Conform Pass


Catalog Description
300ORO/HPLC Acetonitrile HPLC grade( 4ltr/bottle)

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