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  • SAX, SPE Cartridges, Oro-Sep, 600.0 mg, 100/pkg

    The functional group quaternary amine allows for anion exchanges. Ideal sorbent choice for retention of weake anions. Typical samples include aqueous, biological samples. Typical applications include acidic drugs extraction from urine, serum and plasma.
  • Cyanopropyl(CN), 384-well plate, SPE Plate, 0.12 ml, 1/pkg

    Reversed-phase or normal phase retention mechanism. Ideal for extraction of polar compounds retained too strongly on more non-polar sorbents such as C18. Typical samples include aqueous solutions in reversed-phase and organic solvents in normal phase.
  • Silica, Sorbent, Orpheus, 25.0 g, 25/pkg

    Strongly polar sorbent due to the hydrogen bonding on the surface. Ideal for separation of polar compounds similar in structure as well as non-polar compounds in organic solvents. Typical sample types include non-polar organic solvents. Typical applications includes polar pesticides extraction from food, food ingredients extraction from food (oil, meat).