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Dr. Asha A. Oroskar

President and CEO

Dr. Asha Oroskar co-founded Orochem Technologies Inc. in 1996 in her home in Oak Brook, Illinois. Prior to starting Orochem, she worked at Nunc, now Thermo-Scientific Nalgene Inc. as part of a team that develop the membrane bottom filter plates and the molecular biology medical devices which evolved into a significant focus for Nalgene Nunc .

At Orochem Technologies, her focus was to develop innovative value-added high throughput devices to serve the Biotech and the Bioanalytical industry. Her first product at Orochem was a high-throughput synthesis 96-well plate for Oligonucleotide Synthesis. This oligo synthesis plate became an industry-standard format, and led to the implementation in leading Oligo houses of the 384-well Oligo Synthesis format.

Asha was one of the leading entities to integrate depth prefilters into high-throughput filter plates, a concept first introduced by Orochem into the diagnostic community, and now routinely used for DNA extraction from human tissue samples in the identification of infectious agents. With a focus on problem solving, Asha was the first to develop a protein-precipitation filter-plate concept for carrying out sample clean-up in bioanalytical samples. Matching Technology and Products to Needs, and building capabilities, all the way for Orochem to become vertically integrated is a key strength, Asha brings to every aspect of work at Orochem.

A scientist by training, an innovator by experience and a business woman by nature, Asha brings together all the qualities needed to bring innovative products to market rapidly and make them successful.

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Orochem India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Anil Oroskar


Dr. Anil Oroskar co-founded Orochem Technologies Inc in 1996. Prior to starting this company, he worked at UOP, a technology licensor for the Energy Industry as the Vice President of Research and Development and the General Manager of Innovation. In this role he nurtured many businesses which were incubated in R&D innovation center at UOP and spun-off as new business entities delivering significant revenues to UOP. He was one of the Directors of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) and played a significant role in the 1990s to develop renewable fuels initiatives. Dr. Oroskar is a scientist/innovator at heart and a businessman by training. His experience with SMB technology in the oil industry at UOP has allowed vertical integration of Simulated Moving Bed technology into the biotechnology industry through Orochem Technologies Inc.

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Orochem India Pvt. Ltd.

Ved Gulati

Operation Director

Orochem India Pvt. Ltd.
Tel.: 630.210.8300


Established in 1996, Orochem Technologies Inc. started as a Biotech and Chromatography company to manufacture unique Sample Prep Technology “Products” for the Bioanalysis, Drug Discovery, and the Genomics and Proteomics markets.


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