Orochem Technologies Inc. has developed novel SMB process to separate and purity various proteins from different sources. Our technology combined ion exchange chromatographic separation with SMB technologies for continuous purification of proteins on large scale. The Orochem SMB system can operate with up to 15 columns assembled in either parallel or series mode. Orochem’s large particle size ion-exchange resin allows high flow rate ate low column pressure, perfect for commercial scale production. Orochem’s protein purification SMB system has been demonstrated on purification on RuBisCO from spinach, Heme from yeast, pea proteins from pea flour and whey proteins from whey.

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Rotary valve apparatus for simulated moving bed separationsOroskar, Anil R. U.S. Patent 8,349,175, issued January 8, 2013.Orochem Technologies, Inc.
Process and adsorbent for separating ethanol and associated oxygenates from a biofermentation systemOroskar, Anil R., Deepak Sharma, David W. House, and Alice M. Havill. U.S. Patent 8,658,845, issued February 25, 2014.Orochem Technologies, Inc.
Purification of montelukast using simulated moving bed A.K. Mandal, K.J. Ranbhan, G.G. Pai, A. Agarwal, R.V. N. Rema, A. OroskarOrochem Technologies, Inc.
Mannose production from palm kernel meal using simulated moving bed separationAnil R Oroskar, Naveen S Sudharsan, Priyanka Anil Oroskar, Omkar M Kulkarni US Patent 9163050 B2, 2012Orochem Technologies, Inc.
SMB process for the purification of ethanol and butanediol with integrated regenerationSharma, Deepak, Rahul K. Keswani, Wahab Mahmood, and Asha A. Oroskar. U.S. Patent 8,704,016, issued April 22, 2014. US Patent 8704016 B2, 2013Orochem Technologies, Inc.
Recovery of highly pure alpha-tocotrienol from crude palm oil extract Oroskar, Anil, Deepak Sharma, Vanshidhar Singh, Anand Oroskar, and Gautham Oroskar. U.S. Patent 8,937,191, issued January 20, 2015. US Patent 8937191 B2, 2012Orochem Technologies, Inc.