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Orochem Technologies provides a wide range of traditional liquid chromatography columns for analytical, preparative, and simulated moving bed chromatography (SMB) applications. Our HPLC and semi/prep columns are used globally in clinical diagnostics laboratories, industries (like pharmaceutical, biotech, food, nutraceutical), environmental and forensic testing laboratories.
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HPLC Column Selection

Column selection is based primarily on the solubility of the analytes in solvents. HPLC analytes are typically organic molecules that vary in size, polarity, and functionality. These features govern the solubility of the analyte in solvents that range from highly polar to non-polar. Some analytes have ionic functionality. Ionic analytes often require pH or ionic strength adjustments for good chromatography.

Reversed-Phase Chromatography is the branch of HPLC that uses a hydrophobic treated silica as the stationary phase. The hydrophobic treatment is derived from a silane bonding agent. Polar solvents, including water, are typically used as the mobile phase. The analytes are separated based on their retention behavior on the stationary phase. More retentive species elute later from the stationary phase. The mobile phase concentration is adjusted to give the best chromatography.

Hilic/Normal Phase Chromatography is the branch of HPLC that uses a hydrophilic silica surface as the stationary phase. Hilic/ Normal phase chromatography separates analytes based on their affinity for polar stationary phases. The analytes are typically soluble in non-polar solvents. Many normal phases are derived from silane bonding agents. Bear silica is also used in normal phase HPLC. Adjustments in mobile phase concentration are made to give the best chromatography.


Reliasil HPLC columns are designed for high efficiency (high plate count) and general utility. The proprietary silica gel manufacturing process yields a Gaussian particle size distribution, narrow pore-size distribution, and strong resistance to high pH.

Phases: Silica, C1, C4, C8, C18, C30, Nh2, CN, Phenyl, SCX, SAX, Diol, Polyamine, PFP
pH Range: 2-8.5,


Orosil HPLC columns are designed for the separation of polar, semi-polar, and nonpolar compounds at low to medium pH

Phases: C8, C18
pH Range: 1.5-9.0

Orosil Polar C18
Orosil Polar C18 columns are particularly advantageous for difficult separations involving polar and semi-polar compounds.

Phases: C18
pH Range: 1.5-9.0


Matrix C18 uses base-deactivated, ultra-high purity silica gel, densely bonded to produce an inert material ideally suited for the analysis of basic compounds. The resulting hydrophobic surface is also stable over a wide pH range (2-9) to allow for excellent method flexibility.
Matix C18 AQ- Polar analysis in high Aqueous Mobile phases. Interspersed with hydrophilic end-capping group.

Phases: C8, C18, C18AQ, Nh2, Polychrome
pH Range: 2-9.0


Monitor is a top-quality phase, providing excellent stability and reproducibility, and minimal secondary interaction. Monitor is a perfect choice for reversed phase separations requiring thoroughly base-deactivated columns, and excels in challenging pharmaceutical and peptide separations. We developed Monitor expressly for the chromatography of difficult-to-separate samples.

Phases: silica, C8, C18
pH Range: 2-8

HPLC Column

HPLC Column

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