Vitamin D metabolites extraction plate

Orochem newly patented Vitamin D Metabolites Extraction plate is specifically designed for vitamin D metabolites analysis in clinical laboratory.

The Vitamin D Metabolites extract plate provides for the extraction from human plasma or serum samples comprising vitamin D metabolites such as 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 and D2, 25-hydroxy vitamin D2, and D3 from protein binding, removal of protein and phospholipids, and isolation of the metabolites using a combination of ion-exchange and Lewis acid mechanisms without the requirement to acidify the samples. The recommended method and the plate provides higher recoveries of vitamin D metabolites than existing phospholipid depletion plate techniques. Accurate quantification of 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D and 25-hydroxy vitamin D metabolites is useful in differential diagnosis of vitamin D-related diseases and for monitoring vitamin D therapy in patients with chronic renal disease.


  • In 2 cc/well 96-well plate formate. Cartridge format is also available
  • Recommended protocol


  • 96-well format, 4 steps, totally less than 20 minutes per plate
  • Simple, minimum training required
  • Consistent and high recovery
  • No matrix effect
  • Application Note
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Vitamin D Metabolites Extraction Plate

Vitamin D Metabolites Extraction Plate