Vacuum Manifold

Orochem Technologies offers vacuum manifolds for simultaneous processing of up to 12, 16 or 24 samples. These manifolds are easy to use and allow steady extraction and filtration. The manifold also allows for individual vacuum control on each of the columns with the help of replaceable valves.The manifold consists of a glass chamber to hold collection tube rack, vacuum gauge and the top cover mounted with luer fittings to hold SPE cartridges.

Our vacuum manifold offers customers excellent flexibility, increased productivity and safety for their varied applications. Transparent glass chamber permits monitoring of the entire sample collection process and usage of disposable needles eliminate the possibility of any cross contamination.

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  • Collection racks can accommodate a variety of collection vessels. The racks can also be customized depending on the customer requirement.
  • Zero cross contamination
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to use

Great for large reservoir cartridges or columns

96-well plate Vacuum Manifold

Orochem offers 96-well plate vacuum manifold most suited for clinical and high sample volumn diagnostics laboratory application. The manifold’sunique flip-top design is robotic friendly and is compatible with fiber blocks manufactured by Orochem Technologies Inc., 3M,IST,QiagenPromega, Millipore and others.


  • The footprint of the manifold is compatible with liquid Handling Systems from Orochem, Tom Tec, Gibson, Tecan Genesis and Perkin Elmer
  • The Open gasket design provides excellent seating of the filter blocks
  • Replaceable gasket ensures perfect vacuum seal.
  • Vacuum Gauge provides precise reading of vacuum level
  • Chemically resistant base prolongs life of the product
  • Compatible with most of the manufacturer plates- SBS Compatible footprint
  • Anti-slip base prevents slippage and provides improved safety during operation
  • Small footprint ensures minimal space requirement on automation instrument deck
  • Additional vacuum control options available

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