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  • UHPLC Column

    UHPLC Column (7)

    Gazelle UHPLC Column

    Orochem Technologies Gazelle UHPLC columns offer the chromatographer significantly increased throughput, low solvent consumption, inline process monitoring, and improved LC-MS results. Gazelle is designed by Orochem Technologies, especially to yield higher sensitivity and reproducibility in less run time. Orochem uses a proprietary silica type A manufacturing process that yields a narrow particle size and pore size distribution, which gives you consistent and reproducible results. The hydrophilic spherical surface is also stable over a wide pH range (2-8) to allow for excellent method flexibility. Applications are in clinical diagnostics labs, pharmaceutical discovery and PK/TK studies.


    • Good Resolution
    • Faster Analysis
    • High Sensitivity
    • Low band spreading
    • Saves Solvent


    • Surface Area: 327 m2/g
    • Pore Size: 13.5 nm
    • Pore Volume: 1.10 mL/g
    • pH Range: 2-8
    • Particle Size: 1.7Āµm
  • HPLC Column

    HPLC Column (545)

    HPLC Column

    Orochem Technologies provides a wide range of traditional liquid chromatography columns for analytical, preparative, and simulated moving bed chromatography (SMB) applications. Our HPLC and semi/prep columns are used globally in clinical diagnostics laboratories, industries (like pharmaceutical, biotech, food, nutraceutical), environmental and forensic testing laboratories.
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  • Prep Chromatography

    Prep Chromatography (65)

    Prep Chromatography

    Orochem Technologies provides a wide range of reverse phase, normal phase and chiral prep/semi-prep HPLC columns. The particle size ranges from 5-50 Āµm, pore size ranges from 80-300 ƅ, and various dimensions.


    Reliasil HPLC columns are designed for high efficiency (high plate count) and general utility. The proprietary silica gel manufacturing process yields a Gaussian particle size distribution, narrow pore-size distribution, and strong resistance to high pH. Phases: Silica, C1, C4, C8, C18, C30, NH2, CN, Phenyl, SCX, SAX, Diol, Polyamine, PFP pH Range: 2-8.5,


    Monitor is a top-quality phase, providing excellent stability and reproducibility, and minimal secondary interaction. Monitor is a perfect choice for reversed phase separations requiring thoroughly base-deactivated columns, and excels in challenging pharmaceutical and peptide separations. We developed Monitor expressly for the chromatography of difficult-to-separate samples. Phases: silica, C8, C18 pH Range: 2-8
  • Chiral Chromatography

    Chiral Chromatography (190)

    Chiral Chromatography

    Orochem Technologies offers a family of polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (CSPs) for liquid chromatography under the Epitomize brand name. The CSPs are available in particle sizes from 1.7 microns up to 300 microns, and columns can be ordered in many different configurations for use in UHPLC, HPLC, prep/semi-preparative LC, and simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography. The Epitomize family of chiral stationary phases is composed of two series. Epitomize CSP-1 is based on derivatized polysaccharides that are coated onto modified silica gel.
    Epitomize CSP-2 is based on derivatized polysaccharides that are covalently-bound to silica gel. The best CSP for a given separation depends on several factors. For the racemate, these factors include structure, polarity, and the type and number of functional groups present. Although all of the CSPs are based on polysaccharides, each typically shows a different chiral response for the same racemate. This response can also change dramatically with the selection of mobile phase. Together, these CSPs permit the separation of a very broad range of racemates. Both the CSP-1 and CSP-2 Series can be used in normal phase, polar phase, reverse phase, and SFC. Standard modifiers are TEA, DEA, ethanolamine, TFA, acetic acid, etc. and the use level is typically around 0.1%. Each column is tested before packaging and a chromatogram with test conditions and column performance data is included.
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  • Flash Chromatography System

    Flash Chromatography System (157)

    Flash Chromatography System

    Flash Chromatography is a rapid form of preparative column chromatography based on optimized pre-packed columns through which are pumped solvent at a high flow rate. It is a simple and economical approach to preparative LC. Orochem provides two types of flash columns. One type is using polypropylene. It is safer than glass columns, with no risk of breakage. Another type is the ISOSPEED flash column; the column is made of stainless steel, which is compatible with higher flow rate and pressure. All Orochemā€™s flash columns are packed with symmetrical sorbent compression to ensure improved separation and reproducibility.

    Orochem Technologies is partnering with Santai Science to offer SepaBeanā„¢ machine flash chromatography systems in the Midwest. Santai Science was established in 2004 and focused on developing and providing separation and purification systems. SepaBeanā„¢ does more than basic function of separation and purification, the flash chromatography system provides innovative approaches to technology learning and knowledge sharing.
    Model SepaBeanā„¢
    machine U
    machine T
    machine 2
    machine 2S
    machine L
    Flow range (mL/min) 1-100; 1-200 1-200 1-200 1-200 1-300 50-1000
    Max. pressure (psi) 100; 200 200 200 500 400 150
    Gradients 2 solvents, binary 4 solvents binary with combination of any 2 4 solvents binary 4 solvents binary with 3rdsolvents modifier 4 solvents binary with 3rdsolvents modifier 4 solvents binary with combination of any 2
    Sample loading capacity 10 mg ā€“ 33g 8g- 300 g
    Column sizes 4 -330 g, up to 3 kg with adapters 800g- 3kg
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  • Accessories

    Accessories (2)


    Introducing new Accessories and Products for Bio-analytical and Chromatography

    HPLC Vials

    • Regular and high recovery vials
    • 2 mL and 300 uL vial (with insert)
    • Compatible with most HPLC and GC instruments

    Syringe Filters

    • For filtering the small volumes of organic or aqueous samples
    • Different types of materials (nylon, PTFE, PVDF, MCE)Ā 
    • Other diameters, 25 mm and 13 mm
    • Different pore sizes, 0.25 and 0.45 microns

    Membrane Filters

    • For filtering large volumes of organic or aqueous samples or solvents
    • Different types of materials (nylon, PES, MCE, PTFE, PVDF)
    • 50 mm diameter, 0.25 and 0.45 micron pore sizes

    96-Well Collection Plates

    • 1 mL and 2 mL per well
    • Round and V bottom

    Headspace GC Vials

    • 20 mm 20 mL crimp top headspace vial with aluminum cap

    QUIKVAP 96 and 192 Evaporators

    • Single and double plates formats
    • Available in 110 or 220 VAC
    • Operating temperature ranges from 50-100 F
    • Heated both top and bottom
    • Flow control of both top and bottom

    Contact us to learn more and place your order!

  • GC Column

    GC Column (1)

    ARRINNA GC Column

    Orochem offers a wide range of capillary GC columns for analytical labs. Orochemā€™s phases are high purity and low bleeding. GC columns for mass spectrometer are available.
    Our Column Selection Guide by Phases
    Phase Ā  USP Orochem Agilent Restek
    100% Dimethyl polysiloxane Non-polar G1, G2, G38 AR-1 DB-1, HP-1 Rtx-1
    95% dimethyl/ 5% diphenyl polysiloxane Non-polar G27, G36 AR-5 DB-5, HP-5 Rtx-5
    Polyethylene glycol Polar G16, G20, G39 AR-WAX, AR-WAXQ CP-WAX 52 CB, HP-INNOWax Stabilwax
    Polyethylene glycol Polar G16, G20, G39 AR-FAMEWAX DB-FATWAX UI Rtx-Wax
    6% Cyanopropylphenol/ 94% dimethyl polysiloxane Mid-polarity G43 AR-624 DB-624 Rtx-624
    14% Cyanopropylphenol/ 86% dimethyl polysiloxane Mid-polarity G46 AR-1701MS VF-1701 Rtx-1701
    (6% cyanopropyl-phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane Low-mid polarity G43 AR-1301 DB-1301 Rxi-1301
    Nitroterephthalic aicd modified polyethylene glycol (PEG) High polarity, Very inert G53 AR-FFAP DB-FFAP
    Polyethylene glycol Polar G16 AR-CARBOWAX DB-CARBOWAX 20M
    35%-phenyl-methylpolysiloxane Mid-polarity, G42 AR-35 DB-35 Rtx-35
    50%-phenyl-methylpolysiloxane Mid-polarity G3 AR-50 HP-50+ Rxt-50
    By Applications
    General-purpose, aromatics and semivolatilesArinna-5
    Application Orochem
    General-purpose, hydrocarbons, pesticides, PCBs, and sulfur compounds, drug screening AR-1
    General-purpose, aromatics and semivolatiles AR-5
    Terpenes, FAME AR-WAX
    Residual solvents, terpenes AR-624
    Pesticides, chemicals AR-1701MS
    Organic acids, free fatty acids (up to C24), phenols, acids dissolved in water AR-FFAP
    Alcohols, free acid, ether, glycol, solvents AR-CARBOWAX
    Free fatty acid and ethanol aqueous sample AR-WAXQ
    Pesticides and herbicides AR-35MS
    Chlorinated pesticides, herbicides and basic drugs AR-50MS
    Residual solvents, alcohols, oxygenates, volatile organic compounds AR-1301
  • JUNO Preparatory Chromatography System

    JUNO Preparatory Chromatography System (1)

    JUNO Preparatory Chromatography System

    • Stainless Steel Columns
    • Sperical silica-based stationary phases and chiral phases
    • Custom packing

    Prep-Columns (Reliasil Silica 25 micron, 22x300 mm)
    on JUNO OP-T

    Conditions: water bath at 70 ā„ƒ, the flow rate is 5mL/min toluene, pressure is 35 psi

    Different sizes of stainless steel columns

    • 100 x 10 mm, cat # R10DL-140
    • 150 x 10 mm, cat # R10FL-140
    • 250 x 21 mm, cat # R10HT-140
    • 250 x 30 mm, cat # R10HN-140

    Models and Specifications

    Flow range (mL/min) 1-100; 1-200 1-200 1-200 1-200 1-300 50-1000
    Max. press. (psi) 100; 200 200 200 500 400 150
    Gradients 2 solvents, binary 4 solvents binary with combination of any 2 4 solvents binary 4 solvents binary with 3rd solvents modifier 4 solvents binary with 3rd solvents modifier 4 solvents binary with combination of any 2
    JUNO Prep chromatography systems include a column stand for the prep columna nd a column heater.An external pump is optional.
    • Remote control is possible by using an iPad as asystem control panel
    • Intelligent fraction collection racks coresponding each fraction to the prep chromatography
    • Stainless steel columns with 10 or 25 micron silica-based sorbents
    *Depending on the particle sizes, mobile phase, and flow rate, the column pressure should be with in the limit of the prep system