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  • Vacuum Manifold

    Vacuum Manifold (53)

    Vacuum Manifold

    Orochem Technologies offers vacuum manifolds for simultaneous processing of up to 12, 16 or 24 samples. These manifolds are easy to use and allow steady extraction and filtration. The manifold also allows for individual vacuum control on each of the columns with the help of replaceable valves.The manifold consists of a glass chamber to hold collection tube rack, vacuum gauge and the top cover mounted with luer fittings to hold SPE cartridges.Our vacuum manifold offers customers excellent flexibility, increased productivity and safety for their varied applications. Transparent glass chamber permits monitoring of the entire sample collection process and usage of disposable needles eliminate the possibility of any cross contamination.
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  • Positive Pressure Processor

    Positive Pressure Processor (11)

    Positive Pressure Processor

    Performing vacuum-driven SPE with 96-well format filter plates is a suitable method if all samples are of uniform consistency, however this technique can present some challenges with complex samples such as plasma or other biofluids. These problems are mainly due to the mechanism of attempting to pull a uniform vacuum through all 96 positions.Positive Pressure Processor is an ideal accessory for solid phase extraction (SPE) applications with the ability to provide set pressure levels for conditioning, sample transfer, wash steps, along with the line pressure for drying prior to the elution step.
    The salient features of the units include:
    • Modular rack design, allowing quick interchangeability between 1 ml, 3 ml and 6 ml columns, eluting into 12 x 75 mm, 13 x 100 mm, and 16 x 100 mm test-tube racks respectively.
    • Uniform gas distribution through the manifold ensures uniform pressure and uniform liquid flow at each SPE tube. The uniform flow design ensures uniform flow along with reproducible SPE runs from column to column. It also ensures uniform flow rate when less than 96 columns are used.
    • Liquid flow rate in the columns changes quickly and proportionately when gas pressure is changed. The pressurized air source can be replaced with other inert dry gases like Nitrogen or Argon.
    Positive pressure elutions guarantee more reproducible results, higher percentage recoveries and a more consistent flow rate. With the positive pressure system’s optimal and reproducible functioning, extraction conditions for each sample are assured, regardless of the sample viscosity, filter variations or other variable conditions.
  • Robotic Liquid Handling Systems

    Robotic Liquid Handling Systems (3)

    Robotic Liquid Handling Systems

    Orochem offers a range of high throughput liquid handling systems commonly used in the bioanalytical sample preparation and proteomics sample preparation procedures. They are easy to use, precise and time, labor and cost efficient. Based on sample quantity, procedure complexity and budget, there are several choices: