EZ Link Aldehyde Activated Resin

Highlights :

Activated Resin – Aldehyde-activated crosslinked 6% beaded agarose, immobilize molecules via primary amines (-NH2)

Coupling Capacity – 20 mg/per ml resin

Flexible coupling conditions – efficient (>85%) coupling over a wide range of pH (4-10) and buffer conditions (PBS or other non-amine buffer with or without organic solvent)

Stable, permanent immobilization – Coupling reaction results in stable, leak-resistant secondary amine bond between resin and ligand

Better than immobilization to CNBr-activated agarose – bond is more stable and uncharged, resulting in less nonspecific binding in affinity purification procedures

Multiple formats – A wide variety to choose from bottled resin slurries, and high-throughput compatible 96-well filter plates.

Cost-effective – reuse the same batch of resin at least five times

EZ Link Aldehyde Activated Resin

Ordering Information :

Catalog No. Description Quantity/PK
OCPEZLR-10 EZ Link Aldehyde Activated Resin Formulation: Aldehyde-activated 6% beaded agarose, slurried in water with sodium azide
Sufficient For: Immobilizing 1 to 20mg of antibody per ml of resin
10 ml
OCPEZLSP96 EZ Link 96-well Spin plate Formulation: 96-well filter plates containing 50µl of resin per well; Includes 2 wash/ collection plates
Sufficient For: Binding approx. 0.1mg of protein per well

EZ Link

EZ Link