Orochem offers a wide range of capillary GC columns for analytical labs. Orochem’s phases are high purity and low bleeding. GC columns for mass spectrometer are available.

GC Column Selection Guide

By Phases

Phase USP Orochem Agilent Restek
100% Dimethyl polysiloxane G1, G2, G38 Arinna-1 DB-1, HP-1 Rtx-1
95% dimethyl/5% diphenyl polysiloxane G27, G36 Arinna-5 DB-5, HP-5 Rtx-5
Polyethylene glycol G16, G20, G39 Arinna-WAX CP-WAX 52 CB, HP-INNOWax Stabilwax
Polyethylene glycol G16, G20, G39 Arinna-FAMEWAX DB-FATWAX UI Rtx-Wax
Cyanopropylphenol/dimethyl polysiloxane G43 Arinna-624 DB-624 Rtx-624
Cyanopropylphenol/dimethyl polysiloxane G46 Arinna-1701MS VF-1701 Rtx-1701

By Applications

Application Orochem
General-purpose, hydrocarbons, pesticides, PCBs, and sulfur compounds, drug screening G1, G2, G38
General-purpose, aromatics and semivolatiles Arinna-5
Terpenes, FAME Arinna-WAX
Residual solvents, terpenes Arinna-624
Pesticides Arinna-1701MS