Orochem offers a wide range of capillary
GC columns for analytical labs. Orochem’s
phases are high purity and low bleeding.
GC columns for mass spectrometer are
Our Column Selection Guide by Phases
Phase   USP Orochem Agilent Restek
100% Dimethyl polysiloxane Non-polar G1, G2, G38 AR-1 DB-1, HP-1 Rtx-1
95% dimethyl/
5% diphenyl polysiloxane
Non-polar G27, G36 AR-5 DB-5, HP-5 Rtx-5
Polyethylene glycol Polar G16, G20, G39 AR-WAX, AR-WAXQ CP-WAX 52 CB, HP-INNOWax Stabilwax
Polyethylene glycol Polar G16, G20, G39 AR-FAMEWAX DB-FATWAX UI Rtx-Wax
6% Cyanopropylphenol/
94% dimethyl polysiloxane
Mid-polarity G43 AR-624 DB-624 Rtx-624
14% Cyanopropylphenol/
86% dimethyl polysiloxane
Mid-polarity G46 AR-1701MS VF-1701 Rtx-1701
(6% cyanopropyl-phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane Low-mid polarity G43 AR-1301 DB-1301 Rxi-1301
Nitroterephthalic aicd modified polyethylene glycol (PEG) High polarity, Very inert G53 AR-FFAP DB-FFAP
Polyethylene glycol Polar G16 AR-CARBOWAX DB-CARBOWAX 20M
35%-phenyl-methylpolysiloxane Mid-polarity, G42 AR-35 DB-35 Rtx-35
50%-phenyl-methylpolysiloxane Mid-polarity G3 AR-50 HP-50+ Rxt-50
By Applications

General-purpose, aromatics and semivolatilesArinna-5

Application Orochem
General-purpose, hydrocarbons, pesticides, PCBs, and sulfur compounds, drug screening AR-1
General-purpose, aromatics and semivolatiles AR-5
Terpenes, FAME AR-WAX
Residual solvents, terpenes AR-624
Pesticides, chemicals AR-1701MS
Organic acids, free fatty acids (up to C24), phenols, acids dissolved in water AR-FFAP
Alcohols, free acid, ether, glycol, solvents AR-CARBOWAX
Free fatty acid and ethanol aqueous sample AR-WAXQ
Pesticides and herbicides AR-35MS
Chlorinated pesticides, herbicides and basic drugs AR-50MS
Residual solvents, alcohols, oxygenates, volatile organic compounds AR-1301