Gel Free SPE Cartridge

Do you need a quick sample preparation method for gel and cream products?

Orochem offers new Gel Free SPE cartridges to remove carbomer from gel and cream products. There are two types: Gel Free LC SPE cartridges for sample preparation before injection to HPLC; while Gel Free GC SPE cartridges for GC samples.  It is a one-step SPE method and no method development is required. 
We have developed and validated organic impurities in hand sanitizer gel testing methods using Gel Free GC SPE cartridges.


acetaldehyde, acetone, ethyl acetate, diethyl acetal, methanol, benzene, 2-butanol,n-propanol, iso-butanol, n-butanol, iso-amylalcohol, n-amyl alcohol

Gel Free SPE Cartridge


Gel Free SPE Cartridge


Column: Agilent DB-FATWAX, 30 m, 0.25 mm diameter, 0.25 µm film Inlet Temp: 250°C Detector Temp: 250 °C
Oven Temp Gradient Table
Rate (°C/min) Value (°C) Hold Time (min)
Initial 32 10
Ramp1 10 100 0
Ramp2 5 220 5
Column flow rate: 0.7 mL/min
Injection volume: 1 pL
Run time: 29.8 min
Gel Free SPE Cartridge
Gel Free SPE Cartridge
Analyte Retention Time (min)
Acetaldehyde 3.24
Acetone 4.42
Ethylacetate 6.07
Diethyl acetal 6.20
Methanol 6.48
Benzene 7.85
2-Butanol 12.70
n-Propanol 13.05
Iso-Butanol 14.58
n-Butanol 15.83
Iso-Amyl alcohol 17.18
n-Amyl alcohol 17.91
Analyte Linear range (ppm)
Acetaldehyde 25-500
Acetone 30-2000
Ethylacetate 25-1000
Diethyl acetal 25 -1000
Methanol 25 -1000
Benzene 2-80
2-Butanol 25-1000
n-Propanol 25-1000
Iso-Butanol 30-2000
n-Butanol 25-1000
Iso-Amyl alcohol 30-2000
n-Amyl alcohol 25-1000

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