Consumables for PCR

Oro-Therm polypropylene plastic consumables for PCR are injection molded and packaged under Cleanroom Class 10,000 conditions according to ISO 9000 guidelines. Each batch of product is certified DNAse and RNase free and free from human contamination. Unlike polycarbonate plates which may only be sealed with silicone mats, adhesive seals or oil, OROCHEM, and Oro-Therm polypropylene plates offer a choice in sealing options; either mats, heat seals, or adhesive sheets. For 100% efficiency, we recommend heat sealing the Oro-Therm plates with our Combi Thermo-Sealer.

The Orochem one piece PCR plate in the industry standard 96 well format is designed for manual as well high throughput automation systems. It can be sealed with Micro-Mats (OT-0427), Adhesive Sealing sheets (OT-0558) or Adhesive Sealing Foils or Thermal-Seals (OT-0559).

OROCHEM Half-Skirt & Full Skirt 96-well, and 384-well PCR Plates are available.

Oro-Therm 96 in black (k) and white (w) is utilized in fluorescence -based and luminescence-based PCR product detection. Both plates have very little background fluorescence with reduced cross-talk. The white Oro-Therm plate
enhances signal output in fluorescent and
luminescent assays.

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