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Isocratic Separation of Aliphatic Alcohols on an Orosil C18-HC Column Using UV DetectionFile size: 311 KBDownload
Isocratic Separation of Ten Cannabinoids on Orosil C18-HC, 3 μmFile size: 311 KBDownload
Isocratic Separation of Ten Cannabinoids on Gazelle C18, 1.7 μmFile size: 308 KBDownload
Analysis of Tocotrienols and Tocopherols on Orosil C18, 5 μmFile size: 381 KBDownload
Analysis of Tocotrienols and Tocopherols on Gazelle C18, 1.7 μmFile size: 375 KBDownload
Isocratic Analysis of the Alcohols Present in a Generic Hand/Spray SanitizerFile size: 468 KBDownload
Isocratic Analysis of Seven Cannabinoids on Orosil C18-HCFile size: 261 KBDownload
Isocratic Analysis of TEN Cannabinoids on Orosil C18-HCFile size: 337 KBDownload
Isocratic Analysis of Cannabinoids on Orosil C18-HCFile size: 267 KBDownload
Separation of α- and β-Carotenes on C18-HC (High Carbon)File size: 310 KBDownload
Selectivity of Orosil C18-HCFile size: 254 KBDownload
Mephedrone Analysis by HPLC File size: 882KBDownload
Comprehensive Approaches for Cannabis Product Testing Potency and Pesticide Residue AnalysisFile size: 882KBDownload
BSA Tryptic Digest analysis-LCRE-C18-18107File size: 227KBDownload
Peptide Mixture-LCRE-C18-18109File size: 232KBDownload
Intact Proteins-LCRE-C4-18108File size: 314KBDownload
Matrix C18-AnalgesicsFile size: 139KBDownload
Matrix C18-AzithromycinFile size: 85KBDownload
Matrix Polychrome-beta and dexa-methasoneFile size: 52KBDownload
Matrix Polychrome-CarboplatinFile size: 40KBDownload
Matrix Polychrome-DecitabineFile size: 39KBDownload
Matrix-Polychrome-(3epi)-25OH VD3File size: 71KBDownload
Matrix-Polychrome-Epitestosterone-testosteroneFile size: 49KBDownload
Matrix-Polychrome-Epitestosterone-testosterone-LCMSMSFile size: 70KBDownload
Matrix-Polychrome-hydrocortisone-prednisoloneFile size: 118KBDownload
Monitor C8-Carvadilol-BP methodFile size: 50KBDownload
Monitor C18-AnalgesicsFile size: 141KBDownload
Orosil C8- carvedilol BP methodFile size: 49KBDownload
Orosil C18-AnalgesicsFile size: 57KBDownload
Orosil C30-CarotenesFile size: 134KBDownload
Orosil C30-Carotenes-2File size: 153KBDownload
Orosil ODS-Drug impuritiesFile size: 320KBDownload
Orosil ODS-Omega-3File size: 127KBDownload
Orosil Polar C18-Aromatic AminesFile size: 105KBDownload
Orosil silica-Orange JuiceFile size: 166KBDownload
Orosil-C18-Tamoxifen-Pregabalin-Budesonide-Eszopiclone-Eprosartan-Stavudine-Ciprofloxacin-AtracuriumFile size: 190KBDownload
Orosil-Phenyl-Hexyl-Vitamin EFile size: 117KBDownload
Presstige-C18-Sun screen reagentsFile size: 65KBDownload
Prestige C18-PesticidesFile size: 150KBDownload
Prestige-C18-MycotoxinFile size: 261KBDownload
Prestige-C18-Neutral Basic Polar AnalytesFile size: 390KBDownload
Reliasil Amino-Steviol GlycosidesFile size: 130KBDownload
Reliasil C8-carvedilol BP methodFile size: 51KBDownload
Reliasil C18-Aromatic AminesFile size: 105KBDownload
Reliasil C18-XanthinesFile size: 105KBDownload
ReliasilFile size: 202KBDownload
Reliasil-Amino-xylose-galactose-glucose-mannose-arabinoseFile size: 65KBDownload
Reliasil-C8-carvedilolFile size: 327KBDownload
Reliasil-C18-nicotineFile size: 100KBDownload
Reliasil-C18-peptides SeparationFile size: 318KBDownload
Reliasil-ODS1-Flavanoids-File size: 153KBDownload
Reliasil-phenyl-TetrahydrocannabinolFile size: 197KBDownload