OroQ QuEChERS Dispersive Products


QuEChERS methods are developed for multi- pesticides residue analysis in foods. They are quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged and safe. Orochem provides ready-to use QuEChERS dispersive SPE tubes with different types of sorbents and buffers in different sizes of centrifuge tubes. All sorbents and buffers are accurately measured and premixed, and ready for use.

Orochem’s dispersive QuEChERS products are designed for either AOAC methods or for special applications, and are used to remove water, pigments, wax, fatty acids, and achieve high recovery.

  • For AOAC method 2007.01 general fruits and vegetables
  • For AOAC method 2007.01 fruits and vegetables with fat and wax
  • For AOAC method 2007.01 pigmented fruits and vegetables
  • Orochem specialty, for tea and green leaves, complete pigment removal
  • Orochem specialty, for tea and green leaves, high recovery
  • Orochem specialty, for fruits including pigmented
  • Orochem specialty, for stevia
  • Orochem specialty, for hemp



  • Pack directly in centrifuge tubes for convenience
  • Available in 2 and 15 mL centrifuge tubes.
  • Applicable for pesticide and food ingredients analysis
  • Fit for GC, HPLC, and Ambient Mass spectrometry analysis
  • Remove water, organic acids, sugars, fatty acids and pigments from sample
  • Design for AOAC and other QuEChERS methods
  • Available in customized forms or contents

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