Prep Chromatography

Orochem Technologies provides a wide range of reverse phase, normal phase and chiral prep/semi-prep HPLC columns. The particle size ranges from 5-50 µm, pore size ranges from 80-300 Å, and various dimensions.


Reliasil HPLC columns are designed for high efficiency (high plate count) and general utility. The proprietary silica gel manufacturing process yields a Gaussian particle size distribution, narrow pore-size distribution, and strong resistance to high pH.

Phases: Silica, C1, C4, C8, C18, C30, NH2, CN, Phenyl, SCX, SAX, Diol, Polyamine, PFP
pH Range: 2-8.5,


Monitor is a top-quality phase, providing excellent stability and reproducibility, and minimal secondary interaction. Monitor is a perfect choice for reversed phase separations requiring thoroughly base-deactivated columns, and excels in challenging pharmaceutical and peptide separations. We developed Monitor expressly for the chromatography of difficult-to-separate samples.

Phases: silica, C8, C18
pH Range: 2-8

Prep Chromatography

Prep Chromatography

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