An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Established in 1996, Orochem Technologies Inc. started as a Biotech and Chromatography company to manufacture unique Sample Prep Technology Products for the Bioanalysis, Drug Discovery, and the Genomics and Proteomics markets. Backed with unique expertise in high throughput formats, membranes and surface chemistries, Orochem was one of the first companies to translate the concept of pre-filters from single to high throughput formats, a concept now widely implemented for sample prep plates in the biotech and analytical markets. In the year 2001 Orochem manufactured the first commercially available Protein Crash and Precipitation 96-well plate for Bioanalytical processes. By the year 2006, with the acquisition of Column Engineering Inc, Orochem evolved to become a “full-service” provider for silica manufacturing utilized for analytical and preparatory chromatography. Orochem invests heavily into R&D in-house and owns strong intellectual property in stationary phases for achiral and Chiral Chromatography.

Orochem’s is globally recognized as an organization that conceives, develops, and installs some of the most technologically viable solutions for “highest purities” for industrial or “metric ton” scale purification for API’s, nutritional supplements, fatty acids, and specialty sugars. Orochem provides Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Chromatography technology for the laboratory scale, pilot scale and large-scale purification of commercially viable molecules for its customers around the world. Orochem’s products and services for Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography include Synthesis and manufacture of stationary phases “tailored for specific separations”, a uniquely engineered SMB system and the installation and commissioning of the SMB systems at customer sites with well-trained Orochem technical service engineers.

Orochem owns several manufacturing facilities around the world. The  Naperville, Illinois, USA site has about 84,000 square feet of manufacturing area where most of the Membrane Filter Plates, Silica manufacturing, Silica bonding, Solid Phase Extraction products and HPLC Columns are manufactured. Orochem India, Mumbai has 20,000 square feet facility and manufactures Sample prep products for the Discovery & Clinical Research organizations in Asia. Simulated Moving Bed chromatography systems are designed, built and assembled completely at our US locations in Naperville in Illinois.