Orochem has developed technologies for commercial scale production of Fructose from corn starch as also from Sucrose. The Sucrose conversion technology involves inversion of Sucrose into Glucose & Fructose. Orochem has developed a technology for enzymatic inversion of Sucrose which offers perfect inversion into 50:50 glucose and fructose unlike chemical inversion where the percentage of Glucose is slightly higher and there is some loss due to formation of other unwanted reaction products. Orochem has also developed technology for enzymatic isomerization of Glucose into fructose which offers a very high value addition to the process. Orochem SMB technology offers separation of fructose & glucose from the inversion mix as also from the partially isomerized fructose-glucose mix. The overall fructose manufacturing process offers more than 97% conversion of Sucrose into Fructose.

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