Filtration Sample Preparation

“Orochem’s vast selection of filtration plates allow preliminary mode of sample preparation of complex matrices. Often pre-filtration of plasma, serum and other biological fluids may be sufficient for sample preparation for chromatographic methods. Recommended for Dilute and Shoot and for sample clean up prior to HPLC and Micro arraying.
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Low Protein Binding


Orochem's low protein binding filters are ideal for removing particles from HPLC samples, tissue culture media filtration, and general biological sample filtration.


  • Different types of filters:
  • Regenerated cellulose: hydrophilic, solvent resistant, pH range 3-12. Low and no-specific adsorption.
  • Hydrophilic PVDF: solvent resistant, low protein binding, low levels of UV adsorbing extractable.
  • Different formats: columns and 96-well plate

High Protein Binding


Orochem offers hydrophobic PVDF filter columns with 0.2 and 0.45 micron frit. They have high chemical compatibility, and high levels of protein binding.


Different formats: cartridge, also can pack into 96-wellplate, please contact us for detail information.

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