Supported Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Traditional liquid-liquid extraction(LLE) utilizes large volumes of solvents that are often hazardous from an environmental perspective and the process is tedious and time consuming. During the past decade, this technique has undergone a spectacular transformation in the context of high-throughput screening with the introduction of miniaturized protocols along with revolutionary membrane-based and solid support based technologies. The simplest technique is the use of the 96-well plate format in conjunction with a liquid handling robotic system; it follows the same principle as bulk scale LLE. However, immobilization of the aqueous plasma sample on an inert solid support medium packed in a cartridge or in the individual wells of a 96-well plate and percolating a water immiscible organic solvent to extract the analyte from this medium evoked significant enthusiasm from the pharmaceutical industry.

Orochem Aquamatrix cartridges and plates are packed with flux calcined diatomaceous earth for high capacity retention of analytes.

Features and Applications

  • Packed with chemically inert material, stable in the pH range 1-13.
  • Plates compatible with robotic liquid handlers for automated extraction.
  • Allows high through put alternative to traditional liquid-liquid extraction techniques.
  • Eliminates steps like mixing, centrifugation and organic phase separation.
  • Provides support, greater surface area and accelerated solvent extraction.
  • No pre-treatment of the bed is necessary.

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