Orochem Technologies offers a wide range of products for protein research which meets customer’s varied needs of sample preparation, affinity protein purification to protein detection and quantitation. Some of the products offered by Orochem to support your needs for protein research are:

  • High-quality affinity purification resins and kits for purification of antibodies, fusion-tagged proteins and biotin-labeled molecules.
  • Activated supports for immobilization of proteins and other ligands.
  • Resins for the removal of salts and detergents from protein solutions. Orochem’s Coral desalting resin, spin columns and 96-well plates can be used for the efficient removal of salts with excellent protein recovery.
  • State-of-the-art colorimetric assays for quantitation of total protein.
  • A wide variety of total protein stains for visualization of protein bands resolved by gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) including Coomassie based stains and silver stain, the most sensitive colorimetric method for detecting proteins.
  • Protein stains for visualization of protein bands on nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes.
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  • Affinity Purification

    Affinity Purification (36)

    Affinity Purification

    Affinity chromatography is a powerful technique to enrich or purify a protein from other proteins and components in a biological sample like crude cell lysate or other complex samples. The protein of interest is purified by taking advantage of its specific binding properties to an immobilized ligand. Orochem affinity purification products: 1. EZ Link Resin and Kit 2. EZ Pure Protein A Resin and Kit 3. EZ Pure Protein G Resin and Kit 4. EZ Pure Streptavidin Resin and Plate 5. EZ Pure Ni-NTA Resin and Kit 6. EZ Pure Cobalt Resin and Kit 7. EZ Pure Glutathione Resin and Kit
  • Filtration

    Filtration (1)


    The filtration processes are critical steps in the purification of biological molecules once the cells are lysed. Orochem offers following products to effectively remove unwanted cellular debris from biological samples.
    1. Coarse Membrane Spin Filter Orochem’s coarse membrane spin filter cartridges and plates are designed to separate cells or cell lysate from tissue debris through 250 µm mesh filters.
    2. Cell Lysate Filtration Plate Orochem’s cell lysate filtration plate is designed for improved capture and detection of interacting proteins to empower interactomics research.
  • Protein Assays

    Protein Assays (15)

    Protein Assays and Quantitation

    Orochem Protein Assays represent the state-of-the-art colorimetric assays for quantitation of total protein. We offer protein assays for a wide variety of applications. Our assays provide exceptional accuracy, compatibility, reproducibility and broad applicability. We also provide stable and sterile filtered bovine serum albumin (BSA) and bovine gamma globulin (BGG) standards.


    • BCA Protein Assay Kit
    • Micro BCA Protein Assay Kit
    • Coomassie Protein Assay Kit
    • Orochem PCV Protein Assay Kit
    • BSA Standard
    • BGG Standard
  • Protein Stains

    Protein Stains (4)

    Protein Stains

    Orochem offers a wide variety of total protein stains for in-gel protein detection and visualization. A wide selection of stains developed at Orochem varies in sensitivity, staining time and reversibility.


    Coomassie Blue Protein Stain Reagent Silver Protein Stain Kit Reversible Protein Stain Kit for Nitrocellulose Membrane Reversible Protein Stain Kit for PVDF Membrane
  • Sample Preparation

    Sample Preparation (12)

    Sample Preparation

    Sample preparation is the most important step in any analytical technique for achieving optimal and reproducible results. Orochem offers a wide range of products for efficient sample preparation for down-stream applications like SDS-PAGE, 2-D PAGE, NMR, enzyme assays, mass spectrometry etc. for protein research.
    • Coral Desalting 96-well Spin Plates
    • Coral Sephadex Packed Plates
    • Reva Detergent Removal
    • Reva Lipids Removal
    • Reva Endotoxin Removal
    • Reva Abundant Protein removal