Cannabis Testing for Analytical Labs and CBD and THC Manufacturers

Why is testing the potency of your cannabinoids important? What should you look for?

Cannabis testing labs face increasing regulatory requirements. Robust testing methods are required for a variety of products, including potency tests for CBD oil and isolate and CBD drinks, pesticide residue testing in plant materials and final products. Orochem developed a series of sample preparation and (U)HPLC methods to target these analyses.
To test the potency of various CBD applications, we developed an ultra-fast UHPLC-UV method to detect seven cannabinoids in 4 minutes. For an HPLC method, a LC-UV method was validated to quantify cannabinoids with 15 minutes analysis run time.
Testing the potency of your CBD product throughout the process helps you ensure product purity. Our HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) and UHPLC (ultra high-performance liquid chromatography) columns are based on validated methods. They have been tested for years by leading CBD manufacturers to characterize the major cannabinoids in their products.
Our testing columns test for CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, CBG, CBN, CBC. They can be used for a variety of popular CBD products including CBD Oils, beverages, creams, and lotions.

What is a validated method and why is it important to CBD Manufacturers and Testing Labs?

Test method validation is necessary for any CBD testing lab. A validated method documents the process for the steps and conditions for a test method. A lab does performance testing and scientific experiments to demonstrate the scientific validity of results through this process. The goal is to establish that a testing method is able to produce consistent and reliable results that can be reproduced by others who utilize the method. You can count on a validated method to be selective, accurate, precise, and linear over a stated range.

What applications can Orochem’s products be used for?

Full Spectrum Oils and Tinctures
Personal Care Products

What Orochem’s Products can be used for cannabis testing labs and manufacturers?

New Suite of Orochem’s Sample Preparation and HPLC Proprietary Products for Testing Cannabinoids and Pesticides in Hemps and Cannabis
Orochem provides validated methods for cannabinoids potency in broad spectrum hemp and cannabis products, including hemp extract, softgel, tincture, beverage and personal care products.

For CBD oil and softgel, the linearity of CBD and THC are in the range of 0.1 – 200 ppm:

    •  1. CBD potency test in Kazmira CBD softgel samples on Orosil C18-HC HPLC column

    • 2. Separation of seven cannabinoids in 4 minutes using Gazelle C18 UHPLC column


    • 3. Separation of seven cannabinoids in 4 minutes using Gazelle C18 UHPLC column


    • 4. Isocratic analysis of seven cannabinoids on Orosil C18-HC HPLC column


    • 5. Isocratic analysis of ten cannabinoids on Orosil C18-HC HPLC column


Challenging pesticides spiked into industry hemp leaves and extracted using Orochem’s high recovery QuEChERS Products