Production Mannose from Palm kernel ferment by SMB Technology:

Mannose is a sugar monomer of the aldohexose series of carbohydrates. Mannose is important in human metabolism, especially in the glycosylation of certain proteins. Several congenital disorders of glycosylation are associated with mutations in enzymes involved in mannose metabolism.
Mannose can be recovered industrially by Palm kernel cake using enzymatic process. The feed stock consists of about 8.5% mannose, 1.2% glucose, 0.1% galactose, arabinose, phenolic compounds and biomass/proteins. Mannose can be separated from sugar mixture using Ion exchange SMB process developed by Orochem Technologies Inc. OROSEP SMB unit consisting Ion exchange resin that efficiently separates high purity Mannose syrup as product streams, (95 wt. % purity) with high recovery. The syrups can be sold commercially or can be crystallized to obtain high purity mannose crystals (99.5%+ purity). Orochem is involved is commercialization of this unit at 50,000L/day plant capacity.

Mannose crystallization:

Orochem has developed novel crystallization technique for the high purity mannose extract to yield 99%+ purity mannose crystals with very high yield (>95 wt%).

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